December 13, 2015

We’re a proud sponsor of the Future Learning Device Pilot in Sydenham School

Here is a short report from Sydenham School in London that I just found in their newsletter, edition 125. We’re proud to have sponsored this wonderful school.

Future Learning Device Pilot

In January this year, two tutor groups of Year 7 students were provided with a tablet device as part of our Future Learning Device Pilot. The students were able to take the devices home and brought the devices into school to use as part of their lessons, and we are currently evaluating the impact these devices had on their learning experiences.
We understand this is the biggest such pilot ever to be conducted in a UK school, and are grateful for the support of our sponsors, Dell, Lenovo, Getech and Cetrix for making this possible, as well as to the staff, students and parents of those involved.

You can take a look at the whole article here:

Nasa unveils stunning colour image of Pluto's surface

It's highly unlikely that anyone alive today will set foot on Pluto, so this high resolution colour image of the dwarf planet's surface is going to be the closest we get.