December 2, 2015

Digital Classroom

Want to digitalize your classroom for 2016? Start Now!


  1. Hi, number one, is this expensive and number two is it geared towards schools or private home use?

    1. Hi Rudy,
      It's actually geared towards schools as Drew kindly pointed out. It's part of our complete education package. You can get a sample of course, but the final minimum quantity order (MOQ) would be higher. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Did a bit of Google serching and found prices here: (Note that that 85" screen is only 1920x1080 resolution). 60" and 45" models are way less money. I'd say "geared toward schools". At home you could just as well have a tablet on your lap rather then pay for an interactive wall visible to all of a large room full of audience.