June 9, 2015

Energy Includes: Oil and Gas, Pipeline, Mining, Refining, Electrics, Alternative

The sectors of the Energy industry vary widely, but they all have one thing in common: work environments that are unsuitable for normal computers. Whether in the mines or the oilfield, field conditions are hazardous for equipment, and device malfunctions can be dangerous for workers.

 CETRIX tablets are rugged enough to withstand the uniquely hostile conditions of Energy industries, while being powerful and mobile enough to run complex software applications anywhere in the field. CETRIX tablets incorporate sunlight readable displays, and powerful performance specs all within a damage-proof design, to provide Energy operations with a durable mobile solution.

Asset Management/EAM Resource and Materials Management
Supply Chain Management Geomapping
Workforce and Workflow Management Procurement Activity Management
Site and Equipment Condition Assessments Logistics
Spill and Incident Response Inventory
GPS Tracking/Geotagging Maintenance Inspections
Compliance (Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance (HSE), Regulatory Compliance, Governmental Compliance, and Reporting Planning and Project Management
Seismic Surveys Safety and Environmental Risk Management
Data Acquisition (from Equipment, Sensors, Forms, Reports, Etc) and Processing Training Applications
Fleet Management Process Control
Shipping and Receiving Infrastructure and Facilities Management     

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