June 9, 2015

Education Includes universities, colleges, K12, secondary and primary schools.

Mobile computing is gaining momentum for today’s educational organizations because of a new class of devices—this category-defining blockbuster is the tablet. Immensely portable, tablets serve as e-Readers, video repositories, and Web browsing devices with instant access to thousands of applications, often replacing the need for books.

Inside the classroom, tablets are transforming traditional lessons. Schools are increasingly seeing the potential of mobile devices. Not only are the devices less expensive than most laptops, they require less structure to support.
CETRIX tablets are designed specifically for education and built to meet students’ needs. Ultra-portability allows them to take the device to the field to capture data with the built-in camera and analyze it with any software. They can also collaborate with classmates, while comparing their findings to others on the web.

CETRIX tablets are ready for classroom because:
1.  Tablets are the best way to show textbooks
2.  Classrooms are ready for innovative tablets and CETRIX makes them
3.  CETRX tablets fit students’ lifestyles
4.  Tablets have the software to be competitive
5.  CETRIX tablets integrate with education IT trends
6.  CETRIX tablets are tough yet economical

Benefits of the Tablet PC in Education:
•  Use Advanced Windows or Android Operating Systems •
•  Work from Anywhere with One of the Most Mobile PCs Ever
•  Take All Your Notes Electronically
•  Use Ink Anywhere, Anytime
•  Record Lectures and Presentations Using Linked Audio
•  Personalize Your Experience
•  Let Your Voice Do the Work
•  Get More Done in Less Time
•  Help Protect Critical Data
•  Deploy and Manage Easily


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