November 11, 2015

Hardware customization

Hardware Customization

Cetrix hardware improvements are aimed for performance by adjusting configurations, which may also include settings for the motherboard and the BIOS, as well as the bus speeds. With newer technology, Cetrix tablets have following hardware configuration option that can affect performance and system function. This may include:

All of our tablet models use the multi-touch capacitive screen. All of the tablets are bootable with customer chosen platforms either running Google’s latest Android 4 .4 ICS or Microsoft Windows 8 or Linux Ubuntu V. 14. In terms of screen sizes, you can pick a range of sizes from 6.9″ to 11.7″ white label tablets with dual-core CPU. In term of functions, other than typical WiFi, unlocked 3G phone, GPS and Bluetooth. All models support expandable memory, and most of them have a HDMI port to hook up to your TV.
Prototyping: We can build a prototype in weeks and change it in days—at little to no cost to our customers. Compare it with others where prototypes for a typical branded solution cost hundreds of thousand dollars and take months to develop.
Case development: What happens when there is no existing case for your hardware? For example, when you completed the designs it was clear no off-the-shelf box would do. So we can built one for you. Case design is the one area where we break our “off-the-shelf” golden rule.
Custom build–high volume manufacture: Once a design is locked, we can scale our manufacturing on short notice to produce high quality at high volume.
Performance tuning: We go way beyond industry benchmarking when we fine tune your hardware to remove bottlenecks and increase performance.
Items of hardware configuration:
1- OS (the choice of Linux, Android or Windows)
2- Display Size (6″to 24″)
3- LCD model (TN, IPS or RETINA)
4- Resolution (1024×600 to 2048*1536)
5- Touch Panel (Resistive or Capacitive)
6- Touch Panel Quality (GP, GF, GG, OGS)
7- CPU (Dual, Quad or Octa-Core)
8- RAM (2, 4, 8 or 16 GB)
9- Storage (4GB to 1 TB)
10- Camera Front (0.3 to 5 MP)
11- Camera Back (2 to 16 MP)
12- Camera Flash (Yes or No)
13- WI-FI (a/n/g or a/b/n/g or AC)
15- Mobile Phone: 3G UMTS /4G LTE
16- Battery Capacity range as designated by the model.
17- Ports (micro USB, HDM, earphone, SD slot, RS232, RJ45)
18- Electromagnetic Panels & Digitizer, Finger Print Scanner
19- Detachable Keyboard
20- MSR
21- Barcode Reader
22- NFC
23- RFID
24- Docking Station
25- Vehicle Cradle
26- Case
27- Ruggedness
Save time and money by letting us asset tag and pre-load, configure and test new tablets. Customized tablets, white label tablets, and custom built tablets. The possibilities are endless. Got your own ideas? You can either purchase a basic customization package from us, or talk to us about your project.

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