November 11, 2015

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Market Analysis: Tablets! Designing from Scratch Vs. Custom Built Flexibility?

Product innovation now lies in “Rapid Engineering”


With the need for media-rich interactions and “computing anywhere”, always-connected tablets and hybrids are taking the place of laptops and desktops. Tablet-centric computing creates a completely different development landscape. While software development has evolved code bases, accessible stacks, and other consolidated tool-chains and libraries, hardware capabilities have only recently started to make progress, with system-on-modules and single-board computers. But the majority of hardware development systems still focuses on basic chipset functionality, leading to expensive and impractical development boards, or relies on unsustainable and extensive modification of consumer devices, such as Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s Kindle Fire. While mobile application marketplaces, such as the Apple App Store, and the Android Market experience explosive growth, tablet hardware is largely constrained to standard mainstream consumer offerings, limiting tablet integration potential in extensive new markets.

We Transform Your Ideas into Digital Solutions

Many companies are still sinking significant engineering investment into designing custom tablet interfaces from scratch, but there’s a huge risk that the marketplace has completely changed by the time they deploy, and they already face an uphill battle at launch. Then on the other hand trying to customize mainstream consumer tablets like Apple’s iPad or the Samsung Galaxy is still problematic as third-party developers have little or no control of the underlying hardware or supply chain.

Solution: Imagine being able to deliver your customer a tablet solution of your own design criteria!

A solution that bears your company’s logo as opposed to a standard off the shelf solution. In addition, Tablet PCs built for business, which means systems powerful enough to run full desktop applications on Microsoft® Windows® 7/8.1/10, Android or Linux, and rugged enough to be used day in and day out without failing. Our development framework is built around an easily customizable chosen OS platforms tablet that eliminates the speed, budget, and lifecycle issues facing long-tail embedded product development teams today. Product innovation now lies in “rapid engineering” focused on customizable tablets with accelerated development, integration and deployment based on Microsoft® Windows® 7/8.1/10 and Linux OS applications. Our tablets are designed specifically for speed, from concept through deployed product. Our engineers can rapidly integrate Android / Windows and Linux OS tablet capabilities into custom designs which can reduce development time and cost, while companies can capture new markets and realize faster product revenues.

2015 Flexible and Adaptable:

1- Reduces development time and cost which realizes faster product revenues
2- Provides the engineer with complete control of the tablet hardware environment
3- Enables rapid embedded tablet deployment into new applications

Basically there are two area of approach to customization, one that is focused on hardware configuration and the other is focused on personalization and patenting:

after choosing the ideal OS then you should take a delicate configuration approach as to choose right hardware for right target market. These include items like: Operating System (the choice of Linux, Android or Windows)> Display Size (6”to 24”), LCD model (TN, IPS or RETINA), Resolution (1024×600 to 2048*1536), Touch Panel (Resistive or Capacitive), Touch Panel Quality (GP, GF, GG, OGS), CPU (Dual, Quad or Octa-core), RAM (2, 4, 8 or 16 GB ), Storage (4GB to 1 TB), Camera Front (0.3 to 5 MP), Camera Back (2 to 16 MP), Flash (Yes or No), WI-FI (a/n/g or a/b/n/g or AC), GPS GLONASS or GLONASS HP, Mobile : 3G UMTS /4G LTE, Battery Capacity , Ports (micro USB, HDM, earphone, SD slot, RS232, RJ45),

Personalization and Patenting:

focuses on Final manufacturing and finishing and encompasses items like Customized IDs for existing Tablet designs, Print or laser logo on the back of the tablets, Your own boot image or boot animation, Your own wall paper, Packaging box with your own customized design, Or have the tablet only show and run your own multiple apps on the home page, etc.

Platform for Integrated Tablet Soluitons

Companies currently working under Cetrix platform include e-Capture Co., a research and development company, based in Spain, Sydenham School under educational ICT program for London Schools, Tensys Medical Inc. headquartered in U.S. and IntelliQuilter, a US based company that makes quilting machines.
Consumer tablets are driving huge interest and demand globally for customized touch solutions in the business arena, and we’re helping to fill that gap. Cetrix has filled this need and delivers a rapid, competitive multi OS development framework for capitalizing on new market opportunities, enabling new designs to get to market sooner.

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